Oath Bound - 2006

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1. Bauglir (2:58)
2. Across the Streaming Tide (10:20)
3. Mirdautas Vras (8:13)
4. Might and Glory (8:26)
5. Beleriand (9:28)
6. Northward (8:39)
7. Menegroth (8:12)
8. Land of the Dead (12:50)

Total time: 69:06

All songs written by Summoning.
Produced by Summoning.
Recorded & mixed at Nightschattenstudio.

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Review For us the music of "Oath Bound" follows rather the same style as the last album "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame". The keyboards are as polyphonic and multi layered as on this release, and also the drums have the same style. The main difference are the guitars, which are this time much more dominant than before and play in a different style. Instead of the rather traditional staccato metal style of the last 2 releases, the guitars are not played in a much more relaxed arpeggio style, what gives the songs a more slow and more epic mood.

As the reaction of the fans showed us, we realized that this change of the guitar style had a much greater effect than we expected. Even old Summoning fans that still consider "Dol Guldur" as the best Summoning album ever, started to like this release much more than the other fans. On the other side, fans of "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame" got disappointed.

Again we used self sung choirs for the album, but this time for 2 songs not only 1 song as on "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame". In contrary to this release i had much better equipment which enabled us create much more choir tracks so the result is a more realistic sounding choir.